Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Review

Shark Navigator Lift-Away - best vacuum for pet hair

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum is a versatile, portable and affordable multi-floor upright vacuum cleaner from the EuroPro’s Shark Navigator series of bagless vacuum cleaners.

This particular model features a detachable canister for convenient above-floor cleaning when you need it most.

A small but powerful 10amp motor gives excellent suction power that never fades at a fraction of the cost compared to other makes and models.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum is the perfect cleaning device for people who are searching for a feature packed vacuum cleaner that won’t cost a month’s salary to get hold of. Those who value cleaning performance will love this basic Shark Navigator Lift-Away model for its versatility and its user-friendly operation.

Looks and Feel

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a fancy design as it looks just like any other upright type vacuum cleaner with a plastic frame construction. It measures in at 11″Dx9″Wx46″H with a truly light 16 pounds of carrying weight. The small but powerful 10Amp motor at the heart of the machine offers a guaranteed No Loss of Suction Technology.

Cleaning large areas is no problem with its 30-ft. long power cord, a 9.25″ cleaning nozzle path, a deft swivel steering, and a pair of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters traps 99.99% dust and allergens that are present in your home to give you fresher and cleaner breathing air after every vacuum. Peace of mind in ownership comes in the form of a manufacturer’s warranty that gives coverage up to five years.

Lift-Away Feature

The nifty Lift-Away feature on this model allows the device to be used from an upright vac to a portable canister type. With a simple release of the latches holding the canister to the vacuum frame, you instantly get a detachable canister that weighs a mere 7.5 pounds for above-floor and hard to reach cleaning needs.

Anti-allergen Complete Seal System

The Anti-allergen Complete Seal System featured in the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional traps and prevents 99.9% of dust and allergens thanks in part to a pair of lifetime washable microfiber HEPA filters pads installed inside the machine. This aids in preventing allergy-causing particles from escaping back into your environment and allows for a breath of fresh air, literally. Furthermore, this feature has been certified by the British Allergy Foundation for your peace of mind.

Swivel Steering

Cleaning underneath furniture or tables is now made easier thanks to the Shark Navigator’s swivel steering. This clever feature integrated into the design of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away makes it one of the most easy to maneuver upright vacuum cleaner in the market today.

  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Affordably priced
  • Works great on pet hair
  • Lots of useful attachments
  • Has adjustable the suction
  • Washable lifetime filters
  • Sealed filtration system
  • Swivel feature makes it easy to maneuver
  • Swivel feature makes it easy to maneuver
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  • Short power cord
  • Small dust bin
  • Bulky canister
  • Has a stability issue as it easily topples over
  • No height adjustable feature for carpets


Before anything else, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum is not to be mistaken for its heavy duty counterpart with the same name, the Lift-Away Professional series, as this model has a few notable features missing. But just because it is lacking some features doesn’t mean it is not capable of handling any tasks efficiently. This affordable vac is surprisingly powerful for its size and weight and proud owners will swear by it suction power. If there is one upright vacuum cleaner that will give its higher end counterparts a run for their money, then this device is it.

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