Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright UH30600 Review

Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright UH30600 Review

You can have some reprieve if you have children and pets running up and down all surfaces of your home. Regardless of what your living situation is, an efficient and all-round cleaning tool is a necessity for you to own. The Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright UH30600 is a new and impressive cleaning tool, which promises to get rid of dirt faster and more efficiently than other vacuums on the market.

We will explore this feature-rich vacuum in detail below, so scroll down for more information. Features of the Windtunnel Bagged Upright Windtunnel MAX Technology.

The most prominent feature of the Hoover is the advanced Windtunnel MAX technology. This technology is composed of 3 suction channels which work to pull and remove dirt, dust, and hair embedded in you carpet, without any scatter. The Windtunnel MAX technology is exceptionally efficient, and will leave no dirt behind.

Features of Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright UH30600

Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright UH30600 is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright is a one in the Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair.

Multiple Floor Settings

Hoover acknowledges the fact that you will need to clean a variety of floor types, and that is why the Windtunnel bagged upright is comprised of 7 separate floor settings.

These floor settings allow you to find the ideal height for every hard surface and carpet, so that your cleaning can be at optimum levels throughout.

Additionally, the bagged upright has an adjustable nozzle and a 30 ft power cord, for convenient cleaning for all floor types.

Quick and Efficient Cleaning

Trying to fit your cleaning tasks within a busy schedule is tough to do, and that is why the Hoover Windtunnel has been designed for quick and efficient cleaning. Firstly, the vacuum has a Nozzle with a width of 15 inches, which allows you to cover large areas of carpet in one sweep.

Additionally, the Hoover Windtunnel has a Stretch Hose, which allows you to clean elevated surfaces such as stairs, curtains, and window sills. This Stretch Hose provides up to 17 feet of above-floor cleaning, so that previously tough to reach areas are within your reach.

30 foot cord

Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright UH30600 Reviews

Its quite hectic having to re-plug whenever you get into one section of a larger room. However, with this vacuum cleaner, worry no more. Its 30 foot cord is designed to enable you to clean even the larger rooms without having to replug. Cleaning has never been easier; hence you don’t have to worry over distances.
Whats more, the stretch hose attached to the cleaner makes it even more convenient to reach out to the stairs, window sills and even the curtains.

Quality Bags

The clean drop bags of the Hoover Windtunnel are perhaps the most impressive aspect of the vacuum. These two bags are made using HEPA materials that promote filtration efficiency, making them perfect for individuals with allergies.

The bags require minimal maintenance and are released into the bin with a single touch, without the need for you to touch the filthy bag. When the bag needs replacing, the performance check indicator will alert you to the fact.

Power controls

With its intuitive power controls being positioned the cleaner’s fingertips, this vacuum cleaner has placed convenience and control at the hands of the person cleaning.

In this regard, one can easily turn the machine on and off and still perform other tasks with ease.

  • Top notch bag construction
  • Comes with convenient on-board tools
  • Intuitive power controls
  • Adjustable floor settings
  • Assembly is simple 6. Vacuuming is quite fast
  • Powerful suction
  • Long cord
  • Quality filtration system- traps 99.7% of pollen and dust
  • Performance check indicator lets you know when the bag is full
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  • At 18.5Ibs the Hoover Upright is quite heavy
  • There is no cord retractor
  • The strong suction often makes the vacuum difficult to maneuver


The crevice tool works well in difficult to reach areas, the dusting brush is perfect for your furniture, the air-Dowered hand tool is for simple cleaning in tough to reach areas.

The Hoover Windtunnel MAX Bagged Upright UH30600 is definitely a strong vacuum cleaner that will make all your cleaning fun and comfortable. This lightweight, smooth, and safe vacuum will accompany you on your different cleaning experiences, and be sure not to get disappointed while doing it.

With the quality filtration technology employed coupled with the fact that you don’t have to touch the dirty bags, cleanliness of the highest order is sure to be maintained with the use of this amazing vacuum cleaner. Buy one today, teach your siblings on the importance of keeping their environment clean and safe.

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