Hoover Sprint Quickvac Bagless Upright UH20040 Review

Hoover Sprint QuickVac Bagless Upright UH20040 Review

Are you tired of investing in vacuum cleaners that claim to be the best in stairs cleaning but don’t live up to their hype? Does your home have a long stairwell that seems to take forever to vacuum due to an inefficient vacuum cleaner?

Does your dream vacuum cleaner include features which make cleaning stairwells with different surfaces fast and thorough? If your answer to these questions is yes, you might have to replace your current vacuum with one that doesn’t rely on hype but proven results.

Read this Hoover Sprint Quickvac bagless upright uh20040 review to know whether you’ve finally found your dream vacuum cleaner.

Features Of Hoover Sprint Quickvac Bagless Upright UH20040

Hoover Sprint Quickvac Bagless Upright UH20040 is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Hoover Sprint Quickvac Bagless Upright UH20040 is a one of the best in our Best Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs list.

Multi cyclonic technology

This vacuum cleaner goes far beyond just sucking up debris and depositing it in the dirt bin. It features multi suction technology which works by separating dirt once it’s sucked into the unit.

This allows it to filter out different types of dirt using its primary filter as well as the HEPA filter. The primary filter usually handles dust and large particles such as sawdust.

The primary filter usually handles dust and large particles such as sawdust.
The HEPA filter on the other hand handles minute dirt particles such as pet allergens. This technology ensures that all dirt particles collected by the vacuum remain within the unit. In addition, it reduces the filtration load on the standard filter allowing you to clean it fewer times.

Extra long cleaning length

Cleaning your stairwell might take hours if you have to constantly plug in your vacuum cleaner to several power outlets. The Hoover Sprint Quickvac UH20040 features a 23 foot power cable and a 7 foot vacuum hose.

This allows you to vacuum your stairwell without having to plug in the unit into several power outlets. The 7 foot vacuum hose also allows you to clean several stair steps at once without moving the main body. Overall, this will cut down on the time it usually takes to vacuum your stairwell.

No loss of suction technology

Many vacuums will lose suction power when vacuuming different types of surfaces. Loss of suction power can be gradual as the vacuum cleaner ages or, sudden.

The UH20040 features a powerful 10 amp motor that produces uniform suction power regardless of the vacuuming load placed on it

In addition, the multi cyclonic technology ensures that the filters won’t get clogged and therefore guaranteeing uniform suction power throughout your cleaning sessions.

Flexible use and easy maintenance

This vacuum cleaner comes with a number of features which make it ideal for use on different types of stairs.

It features a removable wand which, coupled with the 2 in 1 dusting and crevice tool can be used to remove dirt from corners and crevices on your staircase.

The wand can also be used as the navigating handle for the main body if you are vacuuming the stair steps. This vacuum cleaner also features a rinsable filter and a dirt bin.

This makes maintenance and cleaning easy. It also cuts down on the money you’d otherwise spend replacing filters and dirt bags.

Light and compact design

Stairs cleaning is best handled using a light weight yet powerful vacuum cleaner. Besides being able to suck up dirt from your stairwell, this vacuum cleaner weighs about 12.5 pounds.

It features a D-shaped handle at the top which makes carrying it easy. The unit comes in a compact upright design that enables it to sit on a staircase snugly. You don’t have to worry about it toppling down your stairs while you’re vacuuming.

  • Multi cyclonic technology for easy dirt collection and filter protection
  • Uniform powerful suction throughout vacuuming process
  • Extra long vacuuming reach
  • Easy to clean and maintain filter and dirt bin
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable height for different floor types
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  • Height adjustment not automatic


The Hoover Sprint Quickvac bagless upright UH20040 is designed to make stairs cleaning fast and easy. Its powerful suction will allow you to pick up any type of dirt from any surface quite easily.

It also includes tools which makes cleaning hard to reach places such as crevices quite easy. It also helps you save some money through the reusable filter and dirt bin. If you’re looking for a stairs vacuuming cleaner that’s efficient, fast and durable, the UH20040 is worth investing in

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