Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bagless Vacuum BH50140 Review

Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bagless Upright Vacuum BH50140 Review

Generally, a good vacuum cleaner is that which has a constant suction power, cleans most part of the floor and last for longer periods even if operating on battery power. Definitely, you have been looking for a vacuum cleaner that can fit into these shoes.

In many occasions many of the households have struggled with heavyweight cleaners that are difficult to carry around and may be unpleasant to use. This is where choosing the best cleaner among the many in market comes into play.

With the Hoover air cordless series 3.0 bagless vacuum bh50140, its a smart revolution in home-care cleaning. If you are keen on improving the quality of cleaning in your home, read on. This might be the information you have been looking for.

Features of Hoover air cordless series 3.0 bagless vacuum bh50140

Hoover air cordless series 3.0 bagless vacuum bh50140 is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Hoover air cordless series 3.0 bagless vacuum bh50140 is a one of the best in our Vacuum Cleaner For Stair List.

A filter system

The filter system for the Hoover air cordless vacuum is unique. It has a filter that can be removed anytime and rewashed. In the long run, it means that the power of the filter is renewed and maintained regularly whenever the filter is removed and rinsed.

If that’s not enough, buyers are given an additional filter just in case the other one gets defective.This way, the vacuum cleaner proves to be so efficient since there is little down time.Moreover, the washed filter is reusable anytime which is a great relieve to you if your floor space is expansive.

2-in-1 dusting and Crevice Tool

They are used to clean crevices in the floor. The tools can also clean the furniture surfaces with a single tool. The two brush rolls (one for the floor and another for the carpet) offset the need to buy extra attachments from the shops.

Further, the hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner is endowed with a steerable technology that makes it achieve the cleaning fit. Its also fitted with the WindTunnel 3 technology that enhances deep floor cleaning.

With the combination of these two functionalities, the cleaner can work all round to clean different types of floors.

Lithium batteries

The LithiumLife battery technology enshrined in this cleaner is vital in bringing power and cordless convenience to your home.

Buyers are given two batteries that have a capability of producing over 50 minutes of cordless yet fade-free battery power on carpet and had floor cleaning.

Suction power

The suction power does not vary since the vacuum cleaner has a cyclonic action that ensures that the power is constant.

It does not matter how full the dirt bin is.Even if it is filled the power keeps going and does not fluctuate.

Such kind of suction power implies that you are able to clean all kinds of messes on your floor; right from small spills to large amounts of spillage on the floor.

LED lighting

With the use of LED lights, the Hoover air cordless cleaners enables you to see where you are cleaning with much more ease.

All the blind spots in the house can therefore be clearly sorted and cleaned and yet the cyclone technology used in the cleaner delivers constant and powerful suction even when the lights are running.

  • The cleaner is cordless.
  • Can clean expansive areas without hustle.
  • Good performance.
  • It has two batteries giving maximum cleaning time.
  • Backed with a 5 year warranty.
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  • Small cleaning head hence increased cleaning time.
  • The vacuum is limited to a single speed.


Most homes will do very well if they purchased Hoover air cordless series 3.0 bagless vacuum bh50140. It does very well especially on wooden flooring that has low pile carpeting. It is awesome because it doubles your run time and you will be sure of having the best service around.

It is also cheap and can save you from the hustles of purchasing other more expensive machines. All in all, if you love the concept of cordless vacuum cleaners, Hoover air cordless the perfect machine for you, owing to its lightness and portability. You no longer have to drag a chord behind, trying hard not to run over it trying to find the best plug in the cleaning area.

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